Collaboration with Mago Nagasaka. We express his view of the world throughout our shirts.
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HEMD TOKYO by MAGO About the logo design.

The brand logo of HEMD TOKYO is formed with the image of the beautiful lines and the curves of its shirts.

About MAGO
An ink and wash (suibokuga) artist in the modern time, travelling around 13 countries with his individual exhibitions featuring his painting skills whose technicality can be dated back to ancient times in Japan. In 2014, MAGO designs the logo of HEMD TOKYO. By Fall 2016, “HEMD by MAGO” a new line of HEMD TOKYO will be started.
2010 August: MAGO showed up as the youngest live painting performer at the "Summer Sonic" event.
2012 April: MAGO was given the position of art designer in "頭がしびれるテレビ" in NHK, Tokyo. July: Solo exhibition was held in the Shibuya Bunkamura Gallery in Tokyo.
2013 MAGO moved to New York.
2014 Spring: A documentary short film by Iro-Iro NYC Productions was released, receiving good reviews.
2015 April: MAGO showed his work at "みんなで太陽の塔展" in Umeda LOFT, Osaka. May: Solo exhibition called "パリに棲みついた記憶と衝動展" was held in RIGNA TERRACE TOKYO. August: MAGO showed his work at "北原照久大コレクション展" in Shinjuku ODAKYU department.
Other collaborations include an ad-illusion with YKK from LEVI's Jeans, joining artistic minds with EMI MUSIC AND LITHIUM HOMME.

HEMD by MAGO OFFICIAL HP:http://hemdbymago.com/index.html
MAGO NAGASAKA OFFICIAL HP:http://artistmago.jp/

HEMD by MAGO images HEMD by MAGO images

I bought some eggs at a supermarket today.
Unfertilized eggs, washed clean and sold in packages.
I made an omelet and took a bite, but somehow I felt loneliness.
These eggs don't look real to me.
Not just these eggs, everything looks like they have no life.
Watching people wearing same kind of clothes, I think, “Are they wearing a prison uniform or something?”
We are alive. We sense the world around us through our five senses.
Now is the time to breathe life into clothings.
HEMD by MAGO will promise you to present you true value.

HEMD by MAGO - Mago Nagasaka

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